Freqently Asked Questions

Is Yoga right for me?

You won't know unless you give it a try. Macarthur Yoga is suitable for all ages and level of ability and has been providing the highest level of tuition since 2014. It's non-competitive and allows the individual develop a true sense of 'being' and connection. It is very helpful in creating physical, mental and emotional strength. I encourage you to give it a try. If you have any concerns, please call to discuss your own needs and expectations. It is advised that you do consult your GP before commencing any form of physical activity.

What Yoga style is right for me?

As you know, there are many different styles (hatha, yin, flow, vinyasa, Ashtanga, power, bikram .... the list goes on and on). It can be a little overwhelming and confusing to know which one to try. I encourage you to try the 'back to basics' Hatha style that can be individualised. Hatha Yoga is a traditionally 'holistic' style that is programmed to meet the needs of each participant. It incorporates easy to follow instruction, breath awareness and relaxation. For all abilities: beginner to advanced, you will be shown and taught the fundamentals of traditional yoga, through postures, breathing, relaxation and mindfullness.

I can't commit to a regular class. Can I come and go as I please?

Yes. Macarthur Yoga is able to cater for those who are unable to commit to a weekly class or workshop. Regular attendance is encouraged to ensure the most enjoyment and benefit is gained. Pre-paid lessons can be rescheduled to another day and time in the same week. 

I have a sore back. Will I be able to do it?

Yes. Yoga is a gentle, non-competitive form of exercise that is modified to suit the individual, regardless of experience. Having suffered the pain and discomfort of a sore back myself, much of the class is focussed on back care, core stability and strength. Each posture is modified and individualised to ensure the safety of every participant.

What do I need to bring?

Wear warm, comfy clothes, and bring a bottle of water and a small cushion, towel or blanket. This makes it more comfortable on the harder floor. If you have a yoga mat, feel free to bring it along. If not, mats are provided. Try and avoid eating a large meal before class.